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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoffeeShape Green Coffee made of?
Coffee Shape Slimming Green Coffee is made of a special green coffee extract and roasted arabica coffee.

How many sachets are in a box of Coffee Shape Slimming Green Coffee?
A box of Coffee Shape Slimming Green Coffee has 14 sealed ‘one cup’ sachets. This is equivalent to a 2 week program as you only need to drink one sachet of Coffee Shape per day.

How much caffeine is in Coffee Shape?

One sachet of Coffee Shape contains 48.8 mg per cup, around the same of a glass of Coca-cola, or Diet Coke.

Where is Coffee Shape made?
Coffee Shape is manufactured in Australia.

What are the key ingredients in the Coffee Shape?
Each sachet contains 200mg special green coffee extract equivalent to 2g Coffee canephora dried seed.

What are Green Coffee beans?
The coffee plant is a small tree which produces fruit, called cherries. As part of the harvesting and production process, the cherries are dried in the sun for several weeks until their flesh splits and releases the bean contained inside. This bean is what is known as green coffee and it remains unroasted.

Why does it matter if the coffee bean is green?
Green coffee beans have certain health benefits that roasted beans do not. The next answer will address this question more thoroughly.

How does Coffee Shape Green Coffee work?
CoffeeShape Green Coffee is made from green coffee beans. In their unroasted state, green coffee beans have natural weight loss properties, which are only present when treated properly in the extraction process. The extraction process activates the green coffee bean. The green coffee bean reduces the absorption of sugar from the food that you eat (by turning it into energy). Once it reduces the absorption of sugar from the food you eat, it will look around for stored fat to turn into energy for you to burn. In a nutshell, Green Coffee extract promotes weight loss by the conversion of fat into energy.

Do I need to use Coffee Shape in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet?
Yes, Coffee Shape is a tool to support your weight loss journey, not the solution.

Coffee Shape is described as a tool. Why should I buy it if it won’t help me lose weight on its own?
No matter what anyone tells you, there is no quick fix solution to a healthy weight loss/maintenance program without eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly as well. We do say that CoffeeShape Green Coffee is a tool to support your weight loss. The best way to describe this is by using a practical example. If we asked you to pull out hundreds of weeds with your bare hands, you could do it, but it would probably take you a long time and would be quite difficult. However, if we gave you a tool, such as a shovel - the job would be so much easier. Coffee Shape is like your shovel, it makes the task of losing weight easier. Yes, you need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but Coffee Shape can help to shift those stubborn kilos that diet and exercise alone cannot get rid of

Is Coffee Shape suitable for me?
Thousands of people derive great benefits from drinking Coffee Shape, but like all products, it is not suitable for everyone. Coffee Shape  is not recommended for:
• Those suffering from cardiac conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes
• During pregnancy or for nursing mothers
• Anyone under 16 years of age

What does it taste like?
Coffee Shape tastes a lot like instant coffee, yet as a unique flavour because of the special green coffee extract. We have customers who have only preferred tea, used Coffee Shape and were pleasantly surprised at how smooth and drinkable Coffee Shape Slimming Green Coffee really is!

Can Coffee Shape diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases?

There are a couple of warnings on this website about who shouldn’t drink Coffee Shape. Should I be worried? I don’t see these restrictions on other natural product sites…
As mentioned, thousands of people drink Coffee Shape Green Coffee without incident and derive huge health benefits from it; but we are required by law to provide information regarding its suitability. For example, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t drink our coffee. We are a responsible company and therefore we will advise you openly, rather than keeping it a secret in order to make a sale, when perhaps a sale isn’t suitable. We are aware that other websites selling various products do not advise about the suitability of their products, but we do not condone these actions, and we choose to always put your health first. If you are unsure about whether Coffee Shape is suitable for you, please speak to your General Practitioner or Physician.

What does it taste like?
It tastes a lot like instant coffee, yet as a unique flavour because of the special green coffee extract. We have customers who have only preferred tea, used Coffee Shape and were pleasantly surprised at how smooth and drinkable Coffee Shape Slimming Green Coffee really is!

How will I feel when drinking Coffee Shape?
Energized! By drinking Coffee Shape, you will undoubtedly feel more energised, purely because the content of caffeine from a green coffee bean offers a more sustainable level of energy over a longer period of time throughout the day.

Should I go on a diet when I’m drinking Coffee Shape?
We do not recommend “going on a diet”, rather, we recommend a change in diet. Remember, this is not just about losing weight, it’s about being healthier. Eating regular, healthy meals will aid your weight loss. For comprehensive information on how to make positive changes to your diet, please click Slimming Diet Plan and Healthy Living Tips

Can I have a cup of Coffee Shape in place of breakfast?
No. You will need to have your first cup of Coffee Shape before breakfast and before 9am, but definitely not in place of breakfast. Your body needs the energy from food to sustain a healthy fat loss program. This is especially important so that you lose the right type of weight, that being ‘fat’, instead of ‘lean muscle’. For more information on healthy breakfast options, please click Slimming Diet Plan and Healthy Living Tips.

Should I drink much water when I’m using Coffee Shape?
Yes. We recommend that you drink up to 2 litres of water every day. This is very important because your body needs the lubrication to release toxins in your fat and flush them out of your body. By not drinking this recommended amount you may become constipated – so drink up to loosen up!

Should I weigh myself?
Weigh yourself when you first start the Coffee Shape program. For the first week, weigh yourself once on the first day, and then track your weight loss every few days. After the first week, track your weight at the same time every day, so that you can see the cumulative loss. As you see the grams, and then kilos literally drop from your body, this will truly motivate you to think about what else you can do to boost your weight loss program. The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning just before you go to the bathroom.

Should I measure myself?
Yes. When you begin using Coffee Shape, you should also weigh yourself. Measure your Chest, Waist and Hips. After the first day measurements, only measure yourself every 3 weeks, at 4, 8 and 12.

Can I use the Coffee Shape I’ve already reached my target weight?
Yes. Apart from weight loss properties and ongoing weight maintenance support, the green bean also provides other health benefits such as a consistent and sustained level of energy to help get you through your busy day!

Does coffee contain antioxidants?
Yes it does. Coffee is one of a number of foodstuffs that contain antioxidants. Others include soya beans, red wine, onions and olives.

How long can I drink Coffee Shape?

Some of our customers continue to drink it daily due to its energy-boosting properties! Also other customers have reported that they continue to drink Coffee Shape because it supports their weight maintenance programme.

Can I use other weight loss programs while drinking the Coffee Shape?
We encourage you to use a healthy eating plan, and many food companies or weight centres provide exceptionally nutritious menu plans. Our consultant Accredited Practising Dietician, Leanne Waldron, has prepared very rich information on Slimming Diet Plan and Healthy Living Tips, as well as a suggested menu plan. Should you need access to a dietician.

I take prescription medication, can I drink Coffee Shape also?
If you are taking prescription medication, we recommend that you consult with your Physician or General Practitioner before starting any weight loss program. We suggest that you print off the Frequently Asked Questions section, and ask your Physician or General Practitioner to assess Coffee Shape information on your behalf. Your Physician or General Practitioner will be the most appropriate professional to advise whether it is suitable for you.